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This is Nau Côclea. Outdoors space, working hall, residency

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Andrejs Viksna, Gazi Nafis, Ferran Fages, Beca Art Sonor Ganta, Sandrine de Borman, Shannon Collis, Clara Cortez Cia., Niall Fallon. Jury has been formed by Carme Sais, director of Contemporary Art Bòlit  Girona, Jordi Rallo artist musician, Clara Garí director of Contemporary art center Nau Côclea  Camallera. bannerThese are the selected residents invited to develop creation projects in visual arts, sound art, audiovisual, circus and research. Congratulations! thanks to those who have already been with us and welcome to the rest.

Open call for applications to residencies 2019  . See here open call ENGLISH



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New rules for Nau Côclea residencies in 2017. Residencies are free. Applications can be sent at any time.

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Call for international applications from creators who wish to take up residency to perform research work in 2015. We encourage applications for a wide range of projects from a diversity of visual artists, musicians, composers, directors, choreographers, and performers of different cultural and geographic backgrounds. We are open to proposals for all phases of a project, from initial concept to full production.

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Nau Côclea residence program intends to enable the artist to encounter the ideal conditions of space, concentration, technical and artistic support and facilities for his or her research.

The research residency offers a workspace, housing, and may include coaching, information or feedback from staff, curators, other resident artists and the Nau Côclea community.

Spaces and timing of the residencies
Residencies include accommodation for artists (maximum 4) in a small independent house situated in a rural area. The house has two double bedrooms, a small kitchen, a bathroom and a living room with a firewood stove in a country background. 
Residents can also use the common office/library of the centre and the workshop/rehearsal room (80 sq.m. Depending on the time of the year). The minimum residence time is 7 days and the maximum 90 days.

Maintenance fee and facilities
Residents should pay a fee to contribute to the residence expenses: hot water, firewood, power, cleaning, Wi-Fi and furniture. The fee varies depending on the number of residents:

– 1 resident 10 € per day
– 2 residents 14 € per day (7 € each person)
– 3 o 4 residents 20 € per day (5-7 € each person)
Nau Côclea technical resources ( sound equipment, video projector, etc.) may be used.
Nau Côclea staff will help artists to make the necessary contacts with the local suppliers of materials and services associated with their research.

Residence fees can be eventually exchanged. This possibility must be studied and the applicants must propose it by an email to resident@naucoclea.net

Applications and deadline
Applications for 2015 can be sent up to february 15th 2015
Artists who wish to apply for a residency must send a single document including all the information labelled with the main applicant’s name to resident@naucoclea.com
It must include:
– Contact details of the person in charge of the project

– Number of applicants

– Dates for which the residency is requested (with alternative options if there are).

– The spaces required ( work room,outside gardens).

– A letter in which the artist explicitly agrees, if he or she is chosen, to perform the residency in the dates and under the terms and conditions established in this rules.

– A description of the project (maximum 3 pages with maximum 3 photos, JPG format and www references: website, blogs, youtube, vimeo, myspace…).

– A short CV (maximum 1 sheet).

Projects sent by postal mail will not be accepted.

  1. Jury
    Independent curators and professionals together with director of Bòlit Centre d’Art Contemporani de Girona and the Nau Côclea team will compose the jury of the creation standard residencies.
  2. Resolution and acceptation of the rules
    Resolution will be announced during the first week of march. The result will be communicated by e-mail to the participants and will be published on the Nau Côclea website too.
    The fact of applying means the acceptation of the rules.


Patricia Fernandez. (Los Angeles USA). visual artist. September

9 patricia

Job Ramos, (Barcelona Spain)  visual artist. August


Nieves Correa, (Madrid,Spain). Performer. August


René Meshake, (Ontario, Canadá) storyteller, musician & visual artist ethnic Objiwe. July

6 rene assenyala

Christina Schultz (Munich Germany) visual artist Daniel Canet (Barcelona, Spain) digital communication researcher. July

BÚlit Residencia Gir

Estudi Tonic Graphic Design.( La Bisbal , Girona Spain). June

5 espai-tònic

Nuria Mañe (Barcelona, Spain) social media communicator. May

4 Nuria mañe

Tomomi Tanagawa & Kei Minoura (Japan) choreographers & dancers, Toko Okuda (Japan) visual artist, Hector Zerkowickz & Vj Ovideo (Argentina) audiovisual artists, Andrea Juzga (Argentina) scenographer. May

4b Tomomi & t red

Meritxell Romanos  (Barcelona, Spain), visual artist. March/April

meritxell before

Javier Malaguilla  (Malaga, Spain) Bailaor.  February

2 javier malaguilla resident

Jordi Rallo (Barcelona, Spain). Percussion, composer . January/February

1 jordi RALLO RED