prestatge llibretesRoom # 11
Elena Font & Rodà Clara Gari
Installation and library
Bellmirall hotel room 11 C / 3 Bellmirall Girona

12 April 12 to 21. 13 April 12 to 20 hours

Towards the spring of 2005, Elena Font Roda and myself started a game, a kind o f  correspondence project. We started with a couple of scrapbooks and our rules were to, draw, paint, write, cut, scrape, stick, paste, or remove wherever we wanted. We gave freedom to invade the work of each other. We got to have three, four, five books in circulation.
That work was also an expression of friendship, built on some complicity; more on what we were hiding than on what we were showing in the texts and drawings.

Life, sex, love and death are in these journals , presented in the room of a hotel where so many anonymous people , and couples stay for one night.

Clara Gari