Within the events of  the Symposium organised by the Chair Walter Benjamin.

“The last passage from Walter Benjamin” follows the path that the philosopher made between Banyuls and Port Bou.  With Clara Gari (guidance and lecture of texts) and Marc Egea, musician (taragot, duduk, flute and voice).

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Lisa Fittko, the wife of a good friend of Benjamin led him from Banyuls to Portbou. The proposed path draws attention on the terrible events of those days but mostly on the philosopher, creator, writer and intuitive Walter Benjamin. WE will be walking along the path between Banyuls and Port Bou, but walking by the best landscapes of his work. The readings chosen for the route in 2013 go beyond philosopy. Review and enjoy children’s poems collected by the author related to latent anti-Semitism of the period preceding World War and genocide.

The Journey of the Arts is a program of the proposed building Côclea travel on foot in the company of artists and creators.