Nicomedes Mendes group are:Núria Martínez Barniz, Víctor Bonet Arbolí, Guim Valls, Oriol Sauleda
We will find the group of poets at the top of Rumpissó. They are improvisers of the word, they play with literature, ideas spontaneity, voice, writing, the body, movement and interaction with the public. They have chosen the mountain pass of Rumpissó  as a border point and also because of its natural exposure to the passage of winds, air currents and clouds. In this way nature and weather will accompany this recital marked by signs of movement and improvisation.

The route will be guided by Clara Garí , she will read some chosen texts and passages of the biography of Walter Benjamin.

A project in collaboration with the MUME Memorial Museum of Exile of La Jonquera and the Walter Benjamin Chair